This page will help you to learn Russian language online. Using the Russian word apple as an example, we will give you an idea of the Russian grammatical cases. This article as a great tool for you if you want to learn Russian language. Here you will find: many audio files for the declension of the word apple; six sentences for nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental and prepositional cases with the word apple and also audio for each sentence; short clip where you can listen to a part of the Russian song with the word apple (we use songs to build your association with the particular word – apple in this case); to check your understanding or memorize declension of the word apple you can complete the quiz (each question contains one sentence and six options to answer on this question – one for each grammatical case); in addition you can watch a clip, describing basic related words, so you can build your own sentences. As you see we offer many ways to learn Russian language, you can use one or all of them. Find out more opening this page.

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